Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Winners All Around!!

I must give a big cheer to my poker pals who are cleaning up!!

First, congrats to ChiefBigToke who made $3071 bucks on a 20/2 MTT. Awesome!!! Glad to see you finally hit a big one friend. I knew you could do it!!

Second, congrats to "Hot" Iggy! This is my poker pal from Miami, who must be distingished from the blogger Iggy. He has been kicking butt in the low limit MTTs and made final table twice for the last two consecutive weeks. Last night he made $240 for 2nd place and last week $45 for 9th. Way to go Iggy!!

Third, the blogger Scott who made $300 in a tournament today. Of course, Scott seems to be making good $$ whenever I chat with him. Congrats!!

And finally, yours truly has been making a few bucks too. I played 3 sessions of no limit cash and won on every one of them for a total of $33..okay not big bucks..but better than losing. This evening I finally made the money again on a $30 sng...only placed third..but hey..after so many bubbles..third was kinda nice. I am moving up again slowly.

The master gave me permission to play in the blogger tournament tomorrow. So as long as I can get home in time from work, I will be ready to play with the big boys..lol

Good luck all!! See ya at the tables.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are winning, feeling the flow, workin it. Thank you for the ego boost concerning my 3k MTT score. Great blog, keep it up hun.


trumpjosh said...

Good luck at the tourney... wish I could join you.

Anonymous said...

Well Done. I cleaned up at Titan, turned $50 into $160 in about 3 hrs on NL cash games and some Omaha HiLo.