Saturday, September 24, 2005

Having fun..

Been playing this and that..mostly Sit nGos, a few MTTs, and cash games. Enjoying myself and chatting with poker pals while playing.

I came in the money in the 40k MTT finished 171st for a $16 will happen. I got brave and tried the $50 MTT yesterday..what a mistake..not even close to the money on that one. These MTTs have not been very profitable for me, but I just love them..what am I to do?

The best progress has been on Titan. Not that I made so much money, but I played some limit and guess what?...I came out ahead...gonna keep working on it. Sir has put up a few posts on his blog regarding this site that are worth reading. Also, see the comments on a few of his blogs for amusement sake. Link on my list.

Best of luck to you..see ya at the tables....


SirFWALGMan said...

What, nothing about me winning yet! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND START BLOGGING!

Veneno said...

Geee...Can you give me a chance? I just finished my post this morning...then went to read my mail and saw your comment..AFTER..I posted about your win!