Thursday, September 22, 2005

Time to Get Serious

My experience in playing poker has primarily been for entertainment. I think I am a decent player. Not great by any means....and improving all the time. Of course, I would like to win more and refrain from reloading, but the thought of me actually being able to make money at this never seemed a possibility.

My goal has been to hit a big one in an MTT like many of my poker pals have been doing. That would be pretty sweet!!!

But lately, I have been considering expanding my options for making it big on the poker scene. I mean, if I actually make an effort to study the game, be more attentive while playing, and control my other playing weaknesses, perhaps I can really make something here (It may be a stretch..I know..Sir..stop laughing). Especially, after watching Scott and Sir play limit poker last night on Titan and cleaning up. They made it look easy. (By the way, that site totally annoys me...but it sure does seem profittable).

So I dusted off my Sklansky and Malmuth book Hold'em Poker to regain focus. Not sure that this plan will actually have the intended results, but I am going to make an attempt to take the game more serious. That does not mean I will stop chatting...could never do

I did play in the Blogger Tournament. Finished about 19th...not too bad when you consider the company. It was very fun! Most of the group was chatting on Yahoo the entire time...a little hard to keep up with it all. Met some pretty neat people too.

Aside from that tournament, I attempted the 40k MTT and a blogger cash game. Got killed on that one. Somehow, I ended up alone on the table with TrumpJosh. With about $13 left we started a HU battle that ended pretty quickly. I had I raised..he reraised..i pushed..he called with Kx..and landed a K...ouch...he is very good at kicking me in the butt. I am debating on whether to engage in a rematch or just give up with

Tonight, played a little cash and a $20 sng...when I was left with $58..I decided to pull a Joos..and used my last dollars to play a $50 sng...Fortunately, I took 3rd..not great..but hey..still got some money..So still hanging on with $103.95 on Party Poker.

Good Luck All...See ya at the tables....


Meek said...

Good meeting you at the WPBT event. That was way to late for me to be crossdressing.

I'd advise a switch to limit, and reading 'Small Stakes Hold'em' by the 2+2 guys – good bankroll building information there. At least you could use that profit to fund your MTT parties.

Go get'em.

trumpjosh said...

Agreed on SSHE by Ed Miller from the previous comment. This would be a good book for you. Sorry about the beats... well, maybe not THAT sorry, lol.

Good luck improving your game. Start small and worry about your play rather than your bankroll.

SirFWALGMan said...

Keep playing with Josh, you will get him, like I do alot. heh. Limit is good. It is a grind though. You win little chunks every night, maybe give some back, and slowly over time you see money accumulating. Unlike NL in which you can win or lose alot instantly. Both have there merits.

trumpjosh said...

Bring it, SirF... bring it. ;-)

Blogger said...

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