Monday, September 26, 2005

Finally Getting Some

After much losing, playing MTTs, Sit n Gos, Steps, and cash games, I finally had a couple of nice sessions at limit poker on Titan. I have been watching Sir, Scott, and Kipper do well at limit on Titan, but my attempts had been unsuccessful. The sad part was that I knew that it was me. Just was not getting into the zone. Wasn't good with my hand selection, didn't let go of the losing hands, etc...just not playing well.

And then last night, things started to turn. Playing limit on Titan again, I knew which players could be pushed into dropping, and which would call to the death (with losing hands). I made $11 on one table and $32 on another..not big bucks..I know..but it felt good just to be moving in the right direction again.

As for my MTTs, which I know how to play, just been getting some bad luck. For example, in the 20/2, I get A T soooted, raise 3x the blind preflop, get called. The flop comes A T x...woo 2 pair..but 2 of the same soot showing which do not match my hand. So I push naturally to take the pot right there. I get called. And what am I facing? Someone with pocket As, who made a set on flop, and eventually made a boat. On another MTT, I end up all in preflop with KK against some A rag hand that beats me. Just can't get away from these kinda hands.

However, the worst beat didn't happen to me. Kipper was playing a MTT yesterday that was 100k guaranteed. There were only 100 entrants. So he was playing for a while..doing quite nicely..ahead of the average..people dropping like flies..and what happens? He gets pocket AA! Sweet right? He ends up all in preflop with 2 other players, one with JJ, and the other with some other pair. In typical online poker style, the guy with JJ makes his set, causing Kip to be left without enough chips to survive. Now that hurts...I mean..big money turnament..small field..doing well...and getting AA to screw up the game! Sorry Kip, I felt your pain on that one.

On the brighter side, Sir continues to kick some butt at the tables. Keep it up buddy! In addition to his 2nd place win on the new player MTT on Titan. He has had some good runs in the limit games as well. Read his blog for the details.

Lastly, my husband has been winning! Wow...that is amazing! In the past, he has just been a continuous loser online. Okay he has had some runs of luck, but in general, over a course of weeks he consistently loses. So I am very please with the change. He qualified for the step 5 Sit n Go tournament a few days ago, which he has yet to play. Unlike me, he is waiting until he is ready. ????? What is that?...He says he needs a good night's rest, feeling in the mood (umm I am always in the mood for poker) and playing well. Okay, whatever works. Best of luck to you!

Good luck everyone..and see ya at the tables....


kipper said...

Glad to see you are finally getting some.

Oh and I had AA versus KK and JJ. I am still pissed about that hand.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job. Hey, Titan has been great till today, now i cant even lo on, you having any probs?


Veneno said...

Seems like everyone has been having problems with Titan.