Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Poison is BACK

Sponsered by ELWAPOAA with a fresh bankroll of $69, I headed to the online tables. My husband likes to start me out with this amount for some reason..haha.

The evening starts out quite nicely. I get 1st place in my $10 Sit n Go. Along with my customary entry greeting of "Hello everyone..gla", on nights when I am feeling fiesty, I continue with "Yo Soy Veneno = I am". That was the case tonight. Perhaps that has been the missing compenent to my game. I ended up HU with a player named lhrisko, who played a solid game.

In the 2500 freeroll that I played, there was a fishy player named Sergio121. One hand he had 7 3 suited and raised into a pot with 3 overs (the logic I assume was that he had 4 cards to his potential 7 high flush). The very next hand gets 7 3 again, with 2 overs on the board, he raises, ends up winning and shows his cards. So one of the players makes the comment:

aussiesrule: a10 q showing u bet 225 with 3 7 lol

I respond to his remark and shared in his amuzement of this player's style.

So when I bust with TT, Sergio121 was laughing non-stop. The blinds were 25/50 and I raised to 250 and got 2 callers. When the board came with ** Dealing Flop ** [ 5h, 8d, 6h ], I bet 500, the player behind me pushed, the other folded, so I called and lost to JJ. The only nice thing is that Sergio121 ended busting a few hands later.

Then, in the 1/0 MTT, finished 167 out of 2500...woo hoo $2.40 a whole $ 1.40 profit and the 2/0 MTT, finished 117 out of 2500..oh boy $5.50 for $3.50 profit! least I'm not losing.

Now I gotta play something where I can make some $$...update later..

Well...that plan didn't work...after losing at an sng and cash table, I ended up $2 ahead for the night.

On a good note, I got a chance to play and chat with TrumpJosh (the blogger you can blame or thank for me starting this blog). Of course, the inspiration came from my favorite blogger SirFwalgman!

I need to make this little stash here grow. So send me a good luck wish if you get a chance. Thanks!


trumpjosh said...

Nice playing with you. Always fun to play with bloggers... it tends to be more social than game, but that is the reason I started playing poker to begin with. GL at the tables.


P.S. - Turn off the word verification, would you? What a pain. You can always turn it back on if you get spammed to death.

kipper said...

Good to see yo are up a few bucks. Being up any amount is good! Glad to see you are still blogging on a regular basis.

What site you play on? Perhaps I wil pay a visit! I know it is always fun to blay with fellow bloggers seems I play better.

Veneno said...

True, trust me, after continuous losses, I am glad to at least be moving in the right direction.

And the 1/0 and 2/0 MTTs were a blast!

I am a party poker exclusive gal. Would love to play with you. Look me up as yosoyveneno. See ya at the tables!

kipper said...

I will look for you on Party Poker. Although right now I am on several different sites clearing several bonuses. I am added you to my links section on my blog let me know if it is a problem I will mention you also.

Veneno said...

Forgot to mention, you will need to send me a message on Party Poker with the buddy/invite function to get my attention.

As for the link on your blog, awesome! That is sooo cool! Thanks.