Sunday, September 18, 2005

Small Steps Forward

The evening started with a reload for a whooping $75 bucks. So with a fresh bank, I decided to play a 20 Sit n Go...bubble girl on that what do I do next, calm down and play lower limits? noooooooooo...of course not..lets move up a I play a 30/3 Sit and Go..busted with best hand. Then I finally make a wise choice and play a nl cash game. As soon as I was up $30, I dashed.

Then I start my MTTs for the night. Finished 55th in the 1/0 MTT for $7.50 and 9th in the 2/0 MTT .woo hooo...$82.50! This one lasted about 6 come I can't do this in the big MTTs?

And after all that hard work, what do I do? Try another 30 Sit n Go. Bound to win sooner or later...NOT..with AK sooted I raise 3x blinds and get called..flop comes KKJ..rainbow..I check thinking I am gonna milk this one...turn is a small i bet half the pot..other player i call...the river comes a Q..oh noooooooooooo..he makes his straight..and I bust! Stupid, stupid!!! The pot was big enough on the flop to end it right there. Besides the caller there had been a short stack who was all-in. I was really not happy with my choice there. But guess that is how to learn.

On the upside, I ended up ahead $30 bucks..and got to hang out with cool poker players SirFwalgman, Kipper, and Sloppier.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Nice finish in 9th! I told you that you could make the final table with 30K, lol. Good show!