Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Beware of the Poison Twitch...

All of the round one contestants for the HUC2 have finished their matches. So round 2 here I come...check out this link for the winners and round 2 players...HeadsUp2Bracket and for a full list of players and links..Heads Up Challenge 2 Blog

I will play Twitch next. He referred to me as the "mighty" Veneno lol. Here is a quote from his blog regarding the subject:

"Since I'm facing the mighty Veneno for the next match up, I'm going to need all the luck I can get. Maybe I'll sacrifice a stuffed animal or two to the poker gods for some additional good luck."

Twitch..please don't hurt the animals on my account..and just so you know..the poker gods don't really go for the stuffed animals. And yes you will definitely need some luck. My poison has been brewing just for you. You seem like a really cool guy and I have enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you..but for's NO MERCY..Oh and I find it interesting that you are having CMitch sweat you...Doesn't that defeat the purpose? I mean, this is your manhood and pride we are talking about do you really need another guy to help beat a girl? way, I am ready to do battle. Beware of the Poison!!!

He shared with me that he has been playing online for about 2 months and just last night won his very first place in an SnG. This could be bad for me..last thing I wanna do is underestimate him. Twitch you could have waited to tell me you were such a you got me


DP said...

Good luck... to Twitch, because he'll need it.

Just kidding -- Veneno paid me to say that.

Veneno said...

Come on DP..if I paid would have to be better than that! I would make you come up with say a list of 10 reasons why Twitch will need luck..or

Joe said...

Top 10 Reasons Twitch Will Need Luck Against the “Mighty” Veneno

1: She’s been in tournaments that have lasted longer than he’s been playing poker.

2: He still has to look up starting hand selections in “Poker for Dummies” and gets timed out 75% of the time because of it.

3: He sometimes forgets he’s not playing lowball resulting in a hand showdown of 9 8 6 3 2 thinking he’s got a good chance of winning the Low hand.

4: She knows he’s never even played Lowball.

5: He can never remember which is higher a straight or a flush.

6: She knows pot odds.

7: She realizes that there are more betting options than min bet and all in.

8: She can managed to IM, Talk, Listen, AND play poker at the same time.

9: She’s actually played live poker before.

10. Because with names like Poison and Twitch the Poker Gods have already made their choice quite clear.

The Top 1 Reason Veneno Will Need Luck Against Twitch

1: He’s dangerous because he’s a little stupid.

Veneno said...

lmao...that was really good Twitch..I am looking forward to our match.