Sunday, October 16, 2005

Poison Strikes Twice

I had a very exciting and entertaining weekend of poker. As you may recall, for me the entertainment value is highly important. So, when I had the pleasure of meeting and playing some limit poker with Jordan and Gary, along with Sirfwalgman, it was a real treat. They were kind enough to come down to the "ghetto" poker levels of .25/.50 ..since I have been trying to stay in my limits..I did however play for a small period on the 2/4 table (just for fun) with Jordan..gotta have a little excitement.

All in all, I ended up $35 ahead for the weekend playing limit hold'em. So I am making progress slowly.

Jordan was entertaining to watch at the tables. He likes to make people think he is a tool with his ridiculous comments. I was cracking up!

But the highlight was beating Jordan - High On Poker in a HU match. You can read all about it in his blog where he reveals 10 reasons why he wants to be Veneno. A must read!!

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