Thursday, October 20, 2005

Heads Up in the Air

I am just jazzed about the HUC 2 coming up. Yes...I will be playing! Looks like the spots are filling up! For details just go to High On Poker blog.

In the meantime, seems like everyone is in the mood for HU games. Myself included. Tonight I played two HU matches with Sirfwalgman. He finally beat me on the first match. It was a good match with over 40 hands. I won the second after 38 hands. He was short stack and I called his low raise preflop with 98 of spades. I hit top pair with the 9 and Sirf caught the middle pair with his A 7 hand. When he pushed, in addition to the pair, I had a straight draw, and he needed chips soo I called. And that was it Boo Yaa...Veneno wins!

Fluxer (DP) a reader from High on Poker finally connected with me..he stayed up till 1:30 am to catch me on the West Coast. We didn't play the HU match yet on FT, but soon. So we played one SnG. Poor guy gets knocked out with QQ on the first hand...ouch! He said thats why he doesn't play the SnGs..guess I would give up too.

While chatting with Fluxer, two bloggers from the HUC 2 PokerTwitch and Davee send an IM. And pretty soon we got a mini blogger chat conference going. So this is definitely cool. Always enjoy meeting new bloggers and chatting it up. Can't wait to get started.

Oh..and on the poker front..I actually been winning a little..tonight I played 2 $10 SnGs on Party. ITM on both, 2nd and 3rd places.

Good luck all...


davee3283 said...

yeah the blogger "convention" (of sorts was fun!!) cool to catch up!!

HighOnPoker said...

Good news. I got a headset with mike. Maybe I'll see you later for some smack talking goodness.

STeelerJosh said...

Hi Veneno -

Looks like fate brought us together in round 1. Should be a fun time regardless of the outcome!

I hope we are able to meet up soon, maybe in the the next three nights? I am on EST so it would be tough for me to play after 8-8:30 your time. Perhaps we could set a time in advance?

In the last challenge, all the participants had AOL Instant Messenger and the matches were more catch as we could. It was easy to see if someone was online. If you have an AOL account and have not sent it to the commish, I would recommend doing that. The post match chat is usually pretty funny.

Best of luck, see you out there.


Veneno said...

Cool Josh..fate it is..

It may be hard to hook up, but I will give you a few targets..if I get home at a decent hour tomorrow..which would be around 7pm..we could try for about 7:30pm..I have AOL..but prefer Yahoo..anyway..what is your AOL screenname? I am yosoyveneno3 on AOL and yosoyveneno on Yahoo..

Otherwise, Saturday is most likely out..may have a small window of time in the late afternoon..but I have plans during the day..and Eagles concert that night.

Which leaves hubby's Bday..and blogger tourney day..and I may sleep in...

sorry not making this easy...

I will make an effort for tomorrow..that is probably our best shot.

Looking forward to it...

aishwarya rai said...

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