Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things You May Not Want to Know about Veneno (Part I - first 10)

Kipper showed me his list of 50(which I totally enjoyed reading)...and suggested that I make one...so here is a start:

1. My first job was a paper girl..yes paper route...on bike..throwing papers on peoples porches.
2. I love rainy days and walks in the rain.
3. Chocoholic!!!
4. My husband is my high school sweetheart...been married for 15 years.
5. In High School was on the Swim Team (I can still do a butterfly stroke..just not very pretty..and not for long), Varsity Tennis Team, and Academic Decathalon.
6. Also in High School, I volunteered to keep score/stats for the Varsity Baseball Team and JV Basketball Team..so that I could travel on the bus with the Team and hang out with the jocks!!!
7. Never graduated from college.
8. Never smoked weed.
9. Favorite drink - Margaritas.
10. Hottest actor...Brad Pitt (sizzling!!!)


iggy said...

Where do body shots fit on this list?

kipper said...

*patiently waits for the next 40...*

Veneno said...


Chill buddy...this was part 1..40 more to go..body shots can't be at the top of the list..lol..