Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When will my turn come?

I have always thought if I play enough MTTs, sooner or later I would hit it big. I can usually place in the money..but never really made the goooood money. So tonight, I got home at a decent time, had built my roll on Party to $70 and figured I would risk $20 to try to hit it big. Unfortunately, I busted out in 108th place out of 2477 for a prize of $49.50. Sirfwalgman was kind enough to sweat me on this one. He is great at the MTT games and definitely made a difference. In the end, I had less than 10x the blinds so was just gonna pick a luck was that the guy with AK limped in before me and dominated my A 7 off hand. Here is the final hand:

NL Texas Hold'em Trny:16906727 Level:13 Blinds (750/1500) - Thursday, October 27, Table $40,000 Guaranteed(497247) Table #11 (Real Money)
Seat 2: yosoyveneno ( $9788 )
Seat 10: niki13 ( $17520 )
Blinds (750/1500)
Dealt to yosoyveneno [ As 7c ]
niki13 calls [1500].
yosoyveneno is all-In [9788]
niki13 calls [8288].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Ts, 5d, 6s ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 9h ]
** Dealing River ** [ Jd ]
niki13 shows [ Kc, Ac ] high card ace.
yosoyveneno shows [ As, 7c ] high card ace.
niki13 wins 21826 chips from the main pot with high card ace with king kicker.
Player yosoyveneno finished in 108 place and received $49.54

Scott McMilla continues to impress and make mountains out of small starting rolls like turning $30 into over $500 in a couple of days. Last night he played in 2 low limit MTTs on Titan and placed 3rd on both. Of course, top 3 was a great disappointment for Scott. Only #1 is satisfying for him. I would be jazzed..2 third places..that is money right?


davee3283 said...


even tho you didn't make it "BIG" you did push your roll up to $99.50... lol almost a 'hunjy'

Well Done...

btw sooo jealous... for some reason I'm really keen for some MTTs atm... only 5 days....

Veneno said...

Thanks Davee..

HighOnPoker said...

Scott is my poker role model. He's dreamy.