Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Things You May Not Want to Know about Veneno (Part V)

Here it is...the FINAL 10..enjoy

41. My daughters are the most precious things to me in this world
42. My husband is the love of my life
43. Totally into playing games..Pictionary, Outburst, Charades, Cards, Dominoes, Monopoly, Yatzee, and Clue with the kiddos..and more
44. Thursday night rocks..Favorite TV shows - Alias and Survivor
45. When I was a freshman in high school my boyfriend, a Varsity Basketball Player 6'2" (not relevant to the story..but good interesting info), asked my best friend to go to the prom with him..while we were a couple..the worst part..my best friend said yes. I broke up with him (he cried, I didn't)..he took her to the prom..had a lousy time (hahaha)...what a loser..
46. Love to stay up all night..Hate to get up in the morning
47. Sky Diving - haven't try it yet but would like to one day
48. Yes, I like to give and receive body shots..especially with tequilla, salt & lime
49. I believe little things do make a difference..a smile, a kind word, and listening to what others have to say
50. Love and care for your Family, serve God, be a good Friend..these are the important things..

The end...I finished..Woo hooo..(If you liked this list..send your thanks to Kipper, who talked me into doing it)


iggy said...

Nothing like late night (or in my case early morning)body shots with Yo. Next time I'll be better prepared so I won't be left in utter shock and awe.

kipper said...

Just stopping to say hi! and to thank myself!!! Woohoo...

Gotta go!

SirFWALGMan said...

Late nights rock. Sky Diving is overrated. Been there. Done that. Not very exciting. Never tried body shots. Jesus I am WAYYYYY tooo sheltered.

lucky2win said...

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Veneno said...

Iggy -
Prepared? It's a body shot..no preparation necessary! Simply enjoy...

Kipper -
Hi..and thanks for being interested..

Sirf -
Yes, you are wayyyyy tooo sheltered..lol..get with it boy!