Monday, October 24, 2005

Sloppier wins at Omaha

Like so many of us Sloppier has been on a dry spell for some time now...not having any luck at the no limit games that he favors. So tonight he tried something different. He played the $1 Omaha tournament on Poker Stars and finished in first place and took a prize of $97.50...SWEET! I was lucky enough to watch him take his victory on the final table. After he tells me, "I've only played omaha five times, and I won 1st in an MTT....unbelievable". Congrats again buddy! Well deserved.

As for the entertainment of the evening, Sirf and Jordan had a HU battle for $20..Sirf took an early lead and kept the pressure on Jordan to win the match. While Scott and I watched and listened during this event..Sirf could not stop laughing and taunting Jordan during the game..his favorite comment being that he "owned" him...

For a Veneno poker update, I still been grinding it out at the low limit holdem on Titan..broke even for the night..but I have a new secret weapon that is promising. More on that subject if it turns out as hoped. I also played in a Dirty Dozen for fun..but busted out early..overplaying an A T off-suit. I was short-stacked and thought I would make a move..didn't work out.

On Party Poker, I been playing the $10 singles now and again. In the wee hours of the morning today..I came in 2nd on one and bubbled on another. Trying to stay within my limits and build up gradually while I wait for the next round of the HUC.

Thanks for stopping by..and good luck to ya..

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