Friday, October 07, 2005

Veneno Wins $$ at Limit Hold'em

Over the last week I have continued with the Limit Challenge playing pretty much according to the schedule with my initial investment of $25. When I say pretty much, I moved into the .25 / .50 a few times when I was suppose to say on the .10 / .20, but it wouldn't be any fun to stay exactly within the guidelines right? So anyway, I was holding my own moving up and down in increments of $5. But it definitely was a grind and I was getting bored.

So tonight with $23 something, I decided to have some fun. SirF was telling about all the fish at his table who were sucking out and I thought...oooohhh..a fishing hole...I could go for that! So with my little wad, I went to the 2 / 4 table..I know..I know..not enough to play..but I just felt like having some fun..and I was willing to risk the $23 bucks. Long story short, I ended up leaving with 137.84! Woo hoo..I think my limit game is coming along quite nicely. Well to be honest..I did get a few very sweet the one below:

Felt good to make some $$ for a change!!

Oh..and the list continues below:


SirFWALGMan said...

You are truely my disciple.

littleacornman said...

Hey nice work but be careful at those higher limits if your bankroll is short.

Anonymous said...

$23 into almost $140, good job. That means you can play 5/10 now right? :)