Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things You May Not Want to Know about Veneno (Part III - Third 10)

21. I believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible (should have been closer to the top, but definitely had to be part of the list)
22. Easy going, open, giving, humorous, and friendly...that's me
23. Love to sing
24. Was in a Country Band when I was Nineteen..nothing famous..played for a couple of local dances..but it was pretty cool..see picture below.

Keep in mind that this picture is 20 years old. Sirf already told me I look like a dork.

25. I did attend college, a couple of years at a JC where I took primarily business classes such as Accounting (3 courses), Computer Science, RPG programming, Algebra, Business Law, Business Writing, etc.
26. Professional Jobs Held: IT Director, HR Director, HRIS Manager (those are the interesting/challenging ones)
27. Professional Challenges: Work/Life balance (I tend to be a Workaholic) a step down in responsibility has been good for the family.
28. I like people who are intelligent and down to earth (finding that poker players often fit into this category)
29. Relentless Optimist
30. Reason my first boyfriend gave for breaking up with me was "You are the kind of girl that a guy wants to marry not have for a girlfriend." What? I didn't get it. I mean, my idea was to only have a boyfriend that I would consider as a future prospect. But I was young and innocent. Now I get it. Translation: "I want a girlfriend that will give me some action."

Hope you are finding this list interesting and entertaining...20 more to come...

Good luck all...

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