Monday, October 31, 2005

See..Good Players Can Win!!

Watching and hearing about the successes of my poker pals is always exciting. It shows that good players can be rewarded. Congrats to the following:

1. Sirfwalman continues to win in his MTT games on Titan. He placed 4th tonight in the 1250 for $100. He also made another successful hit and run on the 30/60 yesterday.

2. Aussie Dave finished 3rd in the 1800 guaranteed on UB for $300.

3. Kip was able to work himself to mini step 5 on Party and turn a $5 investment into $200.

4. Scott continues to impress with his ability to turn small sums of money into hundreds within days.

Just waiting for my next major success..

In the meantime, my roll is moving in the right direction. Had to take a break from the continuous and boring low limit grind. Playing lots of variety of games based on whatever I am in the mood for including my new passion for HU matches. I have been having fun with these.

I have decided to track my poker activitiy in terms of profit / loss by game and by site. This will help me to see where I am more successful. In general, I have an idea. But some of the games that I love to play are not as profitable, primarily the MTTs. But I keep thinking that I will hit it big at some point...

Good luck all...


Meek said...

Tracking bankroll by site and game, that's a good idea. I currently show it by site, and how much I have on each site. It'd be useful to see what games caused the ups and downs, though.

TraumaPoker said...

I guess my final table out of 150 in the PLO8B tournament wasn't good enough :( PLO8B players get no love!!

Veneno said...

100-2...Oops..I'm sorry..adding to the next post..didn't mean to forget ya.