Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things You May Not Want to Know about Veneno (Part II - second 10)

11. Started playing poker at the age of 7 with my grandpa Jackie.
12. I cheat when playing Strip Poker (stash cards, swap cards, whatever it takes)..but those days are long gone...
13. Best Vacation - Houseboat trip on Lake Mead in 2004
14. Believe that honesty is the best policy.
15. I found $900 in a bar on the floor once..had staff announce if someone lost $$ and knew how much and in what increments..then I would return the money, then left my cell number..the person called the next day..and I returned his money.
16. Excellent kisser..nice full lips
17. Love to dance
18. After bowling for over 20 years..I still suck..current average 121
19. Enjoy water activities..esp. swimming, snorkeling, and seadooing
20. Used to love water skiing..now it is torture..even if I can get up (big if..lol)..my back starts hurting after a few minutes


doubleas said...


Got your PP message when I got on this morning. I wasn't playing. I was just data mining on PP and another skin.

Thanks for the msg.

SirFWALGMan said...

Big ball or small ball? lol. Is small ball (Candlestick?) a Massachusetts thing only?

GaryC said...

Duckpin bowling, I think is what you are thinking of and yes, it is definitely an east coast thing.

I've seen it on TV, but never seen it anywhere but back east.

121 average? I think with a few tips from me, I could have you up to 150 in no time. Better make the trip to Okie-Vegas.


Veneno said...

Doubleas -
Thanks for letting me know..thought you were just blowing me off..

Bowling with small balls? Who would do such a thing?..Definitely must be an east coast activity..

Gary -
I would like to think you could help improve my bowling game, but I think it may be hopeless. Many haved tried without success!

As for the trip to Okie-Vegas, sounded quite dangerous (appealling for sure)..who knows maybe I can break free from the master.. doubtful though..I am not a newlywed...so permission or an "OK" to go on a solo trip with a bunch of wild drinking male bloggers may not be so easy for me to achieve..lol

kipper said...

Maudie and April are not males.

Veneno said...

You got me Kip. Now for the next hurdle..you think my husband will say.."OK"?