Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Concert..What a

Tonight I get to see Paul McCartney in concert at the Staples Center, box seats, and all the Magaritas I want. Gonna be sweet!

For my poker play, I am continuing with the Sit and Go Challenge played another 2 $10 games last night and finished 2nd in one (Davee took first) and lost another. So up $8 for the night...any progress is pleasing at this point. So in total, I am up a whole $2 i think after over a dozen games.

Hasta luego y mucho suerte para ustedes!!


TraumaPoker said...

We are going to play don't get upset yet!! Leaving nasty messages on my blog wont make us go any faster!! :) just kidding it might help us get going!

TraumaPoker said...
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TraumaPoker said...

No I don't mind the harsh comments, just giving you a bad time. How was the concert? I saw Paul a while back maybe 12-13 years ago it was a good show.

Veneno said...

Glad you don't mind. The comments are made in the spirit of having fun and giving you a hard time too.

The concert was excellent! Of course, it maybe partially due to the consumption of margaritas. Veneno was feeling waaaaayyyyyy tooooo gooooooooood!!!!