Sunday, November 27, 2005

Veneno is a Shark

You must visit.Sox Lover's blog and tell him how great his new banner Sox..looks terrific!!! Please tease him endlessly on my account! Thanks..

I beat him in a 2 out of 3 Head's Up match today. In fairness to Sox, I was getting wonderful cards in my first match against him. He had me down to less than 500 in chips and I had to really work it to recover. Then the sweetness began. I get QQ. On the flop I make my set. I slow play and check. In the meantime, Sox has made a straight and bets into me. Pure loveliness. Then the golden card hits. Another Q, oh WOW. I am dilerious. And to my surprise, he is still betting into me. I can't stop laughing. When he finally sees what he got himself into it was too late. Now I have the advantage big time. I end up with a flush to take him out.

This was my first match in a 4 person HU battle. In the meantime, BigChief beat WeakPlayer. So now I get to battle BigChief for the first time. He wins. All Hail the Chief on your victory!

I also play WeakPlayer a Heads Up match and finally finally win. I was 0 for 5 with him and feeling totally owned. Just not acceptable!!!!

Then I play Jordan finally, who beats me too. And now has a tie record with me. I think it was fate. My own fault of course. We had been discussing bounties for future HU matches and I knew that Jordan wanted a dealer button. So last week when I went to buy a bounty for TramaPoker, I picked up a dealer button, just in case. So last night when Jordan came on, I tell him that I have a dealer button for him if he wins....doh..I don't remember how I busted, I just remember that I had the lead and blew it. Congrats Jordan! Now we are even which is not satisfactory for you I am sure, so we will be meeting again.

So much for my Heads Up lead against bloggers. I am now officially a loooooooooosssser. Ah well. Still great fun. Stats are now up-to-date for your reference. Don't tease me too much.

As for my Sit n Go challenge on Party..losing..losing...I placed in the money 3 time out of 8 games so far but only 3rd place..and bubble a couple of time. I better hit soon or I will wipeout my bank again!!!

The guys had also been playing some MTTs on Stars. Sirfwalgman, Chief, Sox, and WeakPlayer entered a $10 MTT and aggreed to split a percentage if any of them hit. They actually won $4 bucks thanks to Sox who finished 28th out of 1308. Excellent playing Sox.

And the evening ended on another good note when WeakPlayer finished 4th in a the $20 - 180 player MTT on Stars to make a nice $288. Very sweet Weak!!

Wish me good luck guys cause I sure need it and thanks for visiting.

Hasta Luego y Bueno Suerte para usted!


SoxLover said...

Remind me not to agree to 2 of 3 bets like that after 3rd rum and coke.

Veneno said...

Why that was so

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Can't bust on Soxlover...I was there on his bad turn...hopefully he will get all that Taj money back soon.