Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Party Loves Me Too

I am sooo happy to be back on Party. Not only do I love the environment, but I am winning again. Which feels really really goooooooooooood! It has been a long dry spell for me. With minor hits here and there but no real progress...and wipeouts of $$ on 3 poker sites.

Inspired by TripJax plan to create your own freeroll into the 40k. I decided to play Sit N Goes on Party again to sponser my MTT play. The only difference being that I started with a $20 SnG yesterday and came in 1st. SWEET!!! $100 payout for a nice $78 dollar profit...so I tried another..and 1st again..woo hoo..that is just what I needed. I did play the 40k, but took a hit early and busted out before the first break. So all in all, I ended with a $136 for the night.

Since that worked out so well, I decided to try it again tonight. I came in 5th on the first try..but the next $20 SnG..1st again..excellent. So another $56 up for today.

Good luck all...


HighOnPoker said...

Very nice V. Truly impressive wins. You deserve them too. I can't wait to see you with a big bankroll!

Veneno said...

Thanks Jordan.

ChiefBigtoke said...

Congrats Veneno! Nice to see you are winning again. Party sucks ass though, ha. :)

Riverrun said...

remind me not to play in a SNG with you!!! Great work.

PokerSweetHome said...

Hey Veneno,
Personally I have love-hate relationship with Party. The fishyness of the play is like crack for me. I just can't bring myself to stay away. If only they treated their players a little better. Personally I loved the email they sent me explaining that if I didn't play there soon (I was working off a bonus on another site) they would expire all of my Party points. Real class act. If only it wasn't such a fish pond. Sigh.

BTW: I am new to the blogosphere .. please check out my blog. I am working my way through a limit challenge of sorts.

BTW2: I have been invited by LittleAcornMan to join the ROW team in the US vs. ROW matches. Please send me info about the next match.


aka: PokerSweetHome

Juice said...

In what language does your mean i am poison?

Veneno said...

Juice - Veneno is Poison in Spanish.