Sunday, November 13, 2005

New Love

As you may know, I have a real fondness for Heads Up games. My newest love is a variation on this game. Poker Stars has a Sit n Go Heads Up format for 4 players. It is available anytime. You play one player if you win then you play another. Beat these 2 and you win. I have been playing the $5.25 which pays $20. Yesterday, I won 3 of these and lost 2, which resulted in a $ profit.

So check this out. If you play 4, below is your profit/loss opportunity:

Win 0/4 = $ -21.00
Win 1/4 = $ -1.00
Win 2/4 = $ 19.00
Win 3/4 = $ 39.00
Win 4/4 = $ 59.00

I think this is a much better value than playing Heads Up straight matches. Playing 4 HU matches straight up for $5.25 would only give you a $19.00 profit compared to the $59.00 profit with this format. And given my track record for HU matches at winning slightly over 50% of the time. This seems like an excellent opportunity for yours truly.

So check it out and let me know how it turns out.

Now for the bad news, I took a blow from TraumaPoker (aka 100-2-Infinity) yesterday. He beat me in two Heads Up matches yesterday. Both excellent games. I am not great on details when I am the losing it is a suckout or lucky sucker..which is not the case with Trauma. He play solid in both games. I also need to reward him with a poker bounty. Congrats Trauma! Good luck in the last round of the HUC2.

I have added my Heads Up stats to date on the sidebar for your reference.

Good luck all...


TraumaPoker said...

Check out your Thursday Nov 3rd post where you talk about our heads up match. You had me thinking I was going crazy!

Veneno said... figures that I am the crazy one. Thanks, I will fix later today.

Veneno said...

All fixed thanks for letting me know.

HighOnPoker said...

Yo, we have got to play in one of these 4-person HU SNGs together some time. Maybe we can even get 4 of us in it.

I played one and lost. The interesting thing was that I beat the first guy so fast that I had 15 minutes of watching the other two go at it. It helped me get a read on my eventual competition, but, as the beginning of this story reveals, the read wasn't enough (and may've hurt considering my last call).

trumpjosh said...

mNice to see my stats against you.

All I can I say is:


SirFWALGMan said...

Wow! I never realized you had such a losing record.. You used to dominate. I am going to HAVE to take you out this week.. 2 games.. you and I.. for the championship.

kipper said...

HEY how did my name get on your chart!! You told me our heads up match would be a secret!

Veneno said...

Jordan..Absolutely, that would be great fun!

Trump..What exactly is pwned? ..see you can't even say

Sirf..Sweet..I will love every moment..but are you soo sure who will be the champ? I think you will help me get my stats back in

Kipper..oops..Secret? Really? Isn't that the point of beating a blogger HU? The bragging