Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Found my Thrill

It is not blueberry hill..but boy am I enjoying it. Heads Up Baby!!! That is my thrill. Today I played 8 matches and won 7. The first was a $20 game against a stranger. I especially enjoy the matches with bloggers - Davee, Jordan, and Gary. All of them challenging and entertaining.

The match with Gary was a challenge as expected because he plays very few hands. The highlight however, was special bonus prize. Gary will record 4 songs on a CD for yours truly...I have been begging to hear him sing..and had just a little sample the other day..this boy can SING!

One of my most favorite bloggers to play is Jordan. He is always unpredicable and very entertaining with his commentary during the match. I find myself laughing on a regular basis during our play. Today, I finally evened the score to 4 wins and 4 losses. And again, I will receive an extra reward. Jordan will send me a poker related gift. I was very honored by his kind words in his blog post the other day. See below:

I played two heads-up matches against Veneno. I could probably play HU v. Veneno every day for 2 months and not get bored of it. I won only the first game, but it was for $10. The 2nd game was for $5, based on V's request. Her rule of thumb: if you lose one game, drop to a lower a buy-in. It's a faulty rule because it'll make it harder to climb out of the hole, but it's also pure genius, because often one loss begets another. My record against V is 4-3, which isn't too shabby, seeing as she is a blogger v. blogger Heads-Up specialist (although you wouldn't know from the HUC2).

Later today, Jordan had a sweet victory in the $10 freezeout on PokerStars. He placed 4th in the MTT tournament. It was great to witness this victory. He was very disciplined and selective in his starting hands..yes..I am talking about Jordan..Awesome job!!!

Davee and I played our first match this morning, which I won. It was 3 a.m. for him and he asked if I would like to have a HU match. He didn't have to ask me twice. He has been improving lately, so I was not surprised that he beat me on our second match. After 118 hands, I had a open ended straight and made a move. Unfortunately, he had a hand, and I was not able to bluff my way out. It was his lucky day. He also won Acorn's Private Blogger Tournament. Congrats on both scores! I will be creating a special post in his honor in the near future.

On the other hand, yesterday, the "Dreamy" Scott had the first crack in breaking my record of wins against blogger whenever an extra reward was involved. I will be rewarding him with a special poker item.

One more worthy mention is my match against poker pal Sloppier. He sent me a message tonight asking to play a HU match. I did try to warn him that I doing well in HU today. And then he remarked that he was unlucky today. The perfect combiniation for my success. It was definitely another good match. This was our first engagement and I didn't really know what to expect. This always makes it a little interesting. The cards were fortunately working in my favor for this match helping me take the victory.

Aside from my HU excitement, I was able to play in Acorn's Blogger Tournament. It seemed as though Jacks were the death hand of the day for everyone except Davee. Acorn, Gary and myself all busted on Pocket Jack's. TripJax was doing okay when he had Jacks, but when he faced Davee with Pocket Jacks, it turned into Quad Jacks! The event was great fun, but the IM chat in the background was even better. We all got to hear the voice of the Little Acorn. And despite his warning, we could understand him without a translator. Unfortunately, the USA side has not been victorious yet! We must be do better.

Last but not least, BigChief finally started a blog. This guy has great poker insight. He is a very good player. Definitely visit his site.


Anonymous said...
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DP said...

I don't particularly like JJ... any face card comes out and you can't win a big pot.

TripJax said...

Unless one of those face cards is the Jack.

: )

But your thinks I lose more than I win with them because I over play them. Need to watch out for that...

Meek said...

I think I am ready to take on the mighty veneno in HU. Will you be around this Saturday?

1) Just for competing against me, you will hear my voice. I'll get out the headset for the first time
2) Winner gets the money and . . . can't think of anything - just the money.

-The Antidote

GaryC said...

I need a list of songs to start condensing down to the four that make the cut for the CD. Let me know what you come up with.


Veneno said...


Sweet! Can't guarantee availability on Saturday. My time is not my own. I am at the mercy of the family. But if so, it would be late afternoon.

I will watch for you on Yahoo.

Looking forward to it.

Veneno said...


I agree. Sometimes I get it in my head that patterns will reoccur. Earlier in the game, I was short stacked and was basically gonna pick a hand to push with and build up. I had JJ and pushed. TripJax called me with AA. A sweet J came on the river to rescue me. So when I had the JJ again, I was inclined to try to repeat that pleasant experience. Had it not been for the early event, I most likely would not have committed all my chips on the Pocket Jacks.

Joe said...

If you'd quit dodging me, I'll play you HU to see if your streak can continue.

If I win 2 of 3 however, you have to put up a link to my blog. Now that's a prop bet.

"There's someone in my head, but it's not me."