Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Veneno Gets Spanked

I really didn't need a spanking. It was a blissful period while I was the punisher not the punishee. So yesterday, Sirfwalgman was ready to take me on in a Heads Up battle. Keep in mind that prior to yesterday he had sustained the worse stats in play against me Heads Up at 1 win and 4 losses. But last night he got me goood. On his blog he stated, "In this whole world there was one person who OWNED me, until tonight". It was sure sweet being the owner. Crap! How could I let this happen? And worse..I lost another bounty..so stay posted for a tribute to Mighty Sir Waffle. Visit his blog for details. I am still licking my wounds.

On the upside, Davee gave me a rematch...when I was able to win. Thank godness..cause I was gonna be really sad to lose every HU match for the day!

Lastly, on Sunday night I had 2 additional HU matches with "Dreamy" Scott. In the first, he managed to get lucky on our 14th hand. I had AT and he had A6 with a flop of KAA..we ended up all in..and he caught a 6 on the river to take me out. In the second match he was boasting that he would take me out in less than 14 hands, then it changed to less than 25 hands, some predictions of his do not come true. I was the winner after more than 25 hands.

Good luck all...

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GaryC said...

2 keepers and 2 thrown back. Still looking for two more songs.