Saturday, November 12, 2005


My only inkling of success lately has been playing Heads Up. I played Jordan again..and guess who is in the lead at 5 to 4 with him. I have a great time playing with Jordan. I did get lucky with one hand as you can read on his post..but later..the sweetest..was when I made a stone bluff reraise and got him to fold...then showed my may still be like a kid..but I really enjoy pulling that stuff off.

When I get a chance I can share the whole Veneno vs blogger HU stats. I also beat Twitch 2 out of 3 which was very necessary. That 2 / 0 loss in the HUC has been haunting me for a while. Be watching his blog for a Veneno Tribute. Previously, he was the only blogger who had me OWNED. So it felt gooooood.

But the absolute best part of playing bloggers has been the extra bounty rewards. Gary has finished the CD...I can't wait..and by the way..everyone can send thanks to me because some of you are gonna get this one too...How did that happen? I have to beat him HU for a CD..and you guys just get it for has a Card Protector for me..way cool..that will be awesome. TripJax has something..a surprise..but I hear that I am sure to like it. So this has worked out quite nicely.

Tonight I had a new discovery. Sirfwalfman told me that he found a tournament meant just for the Veneno. A $20 HU Tournament on Poker Stars...I missed the events does sound like a perfect match.

Then Jordan mentioned he was playing a 4 person HU tournament. Interesting I thought. So I tried it out. Didn't quite work out..but I really loved it.

For $5.25 you play your first match..if you play another player..if you get $20. Pretty cool. The first one I played..I beat the first player..piece of cake..the second beat me after 110 hands..(I pushed with the best hand by the way..and lost).

The second match, I won.

The third, I decided to move up to $10 range. I lost...bummer...

So I tried one more in the $10 range, beat player 1, then lost my patience with the second player and busted after 135 hands...ouch!!!!

Still enjoying my matches with bloggers..So if you are looking for a good battle..just look me up!

Lastly, I had a great chat with LittleAcorn the other day and got to see pictures of him, the Mrs, and little Acorn. Too sweet! Thanks again.

All the links for bloggers mentioned are on my list..I am just too lazy tonight to do the nice hyperlink....

Good luck all...

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SirFWALGMan said...

Sweet.. keep it up, and score in that HU tourney..