Saturday, November 26, 2005

Love Comes and Love Goes

Well the FIRST LOVE welcome Veneno back to Party is over. I have been on up and down swings over the last couple of days, but no more 1st place victories in the $20 SnGs. I have been playing a few more had a couple of 2nd places, a couple of bubbles, and many losses.

I had a great run on Thanksgiving at the bad beat tables. My bankroll was at $160 and what do I do? I played $2/4 limit..and WON!!! A $100 dollars...woo hoo...of course, I think that I have tequilla to thank...hmmm...perhaps I should add this more often..who knows..all I can say is...I was tight..aggressive..and fearless..a very Poisonous

Since then, I have managed to lose most of that and my roll is down to just over $100.

On Poker Stars, I made an attempt to strike by playing in the 180 for $20/2. But as fate would have it, some donkey managed to suckout on me. I was 7th in chips when I got pocket jacks. I raised preflop about 3x, the board was all unders so I bet, then hit my set on the turn. I made a strong raise. Ended up all in with a player who went all in on a flush chase..and he hit..Veneno finishes 27th..grrrrrrrrrr! Only cool thing was meeting Tomfather7, who made the final table..Congrats Tom!

After that, I tried a couple of 4 person Heads Up Sit n Goes...again I had pocket Kings..and the player calls with A rag..not suited..for all in?

Then I finally get the opportunity to play in the Heads Up Tournament with a few hundred players..busted out on the first match.

So with my last $3 and change I play .02/.04 Omaha limit hi/lo figuring that if I can get it up to $5.50, I would play one last 4 person HU Sit n Go. On this table, I was hot..figures..I am hot at the penny tables..haha..anyway..Trauma shows up and ask what I am playing. He wants to know if I wanna play any HU. So I tell him my plan and say, yeah as soon as I hit $5.50 I will join you on a 4 ppl HU game. Rather than wait for that to happen, he transfers me $ hoo..Ready for one more round, so we are off to play. I didn't get matched up with him for round one. So second hand, my opponent pushes preflop, I look at my hand, AKo,hmmm, I figure its a race, I am thinking he has low pair or something, I ask my pals on IM, what they think, Trauma answers, he would do it cause he likes to gamble, so I make the call. He in fact does have small pair, 33 to be exact, thats it, the end, all money gone on Stars.

Now for the most humiliating of my poker adventures this weekend. I meet a new person on IM in one of my chats with blogger pals. Weak Player. He is interested in playing HU with me. So over the last few days, we play 5 matches. I lost ALL of these matches. Every single freaking one. Okay, I feel soooo owned. At least he is pretty cool about it. He keeps telling me that it is not enough games to make an evaluation...haha..I think he just wants more of any case, he played all games very well..only one bad beat game. He has just started a new blog. So the least I can do is pimp his blog. You should check it out. I think he will be one to watch. I predict awesome things from this guy. Both in poker and in blogging. Seems to take it all quite seriously. Congrats Weak!

Had lots of fun chatting with the usual cool and entertain bloggers Kipper, Sirfwalgman, GaryC, Davee, ChiefBigToke, TraumaPoker, Fluxer, TrumpJosh, Drizz and newest IM pal Collin.

And in a category of his own, I got to chat with the infamous Doubleas. I enjoyed this very much. While we chatted, I watched him in his $100 Sit n Go on Party. He finished 1st. Made it look quite easy. So he asked if I had taken the Sit n Go challenge. I didn't know what it was so he explained that you play 20 $5 Sit n Goes and see how you end up. I mentioned that I seem to attract suckouts in the $5 games and do better in the higher games. So we modified this plan to be $10 games. So far I bubbled on game #1. But I like this plan for my remaining roll on Party.

I had an excellent Thanksgiving with family. And I appreciate all of the warm wishes and comments from you guys!!! Feeling the love for sure.

Links to blogs are on my blog list. Also..I know, I know..need to update the HU stats..bear with me..sooon Trump..just wait!

Hasta Luego y Bueno Suerte para todos!!!

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