Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sirfwalgman is the Greatest

Sirfwalgman is the Greatest
in the Virtual Poker nest
Not based on bankroll or trophies
but in his drive to be the Best

His Cowboy style may drive ya wild
playin by his own rules
with a manner that is anythin but mild
and his uncanny instinctive moves

Some think of him as predictable
and this may be at times
but if he's out to get ya
plan for your demise

He loves to taunt his opponents
and can type lightning fast
oh there's never a dull moment
cause he's relentless and steadfast

His mind is sharp
and he sticks to his guns
And if ya hap to hear him sing
I suggest you start to run

He's a MTT master
and definitely one of a kind
Suckouts drive him crazy
and he's protective of his blinds

The emotion is continuous
it's an amazing and exciting ride
A love and hate relationship
and there's not much he will hide

He has the natural talent
and proven abilities
If he could just stop the tilting
there's unlimited possibilities!


Veneno said...


If you beat me once..I will add a link for you. Much easier than say...writing a poem...

SirFWALGMan said...

Sweet! Immortalized in Veneno's Blog! Very worth winning.

TraumaPoker said...

Nice poem!!