Saturday, November 19, 2005

Craps Here I Come

Lots to write..but no time..

I am off to Las Vegas to play on of my favorite games..CRAPS! I will most likely play some cards too, but that I can do in California.

Online poker update..losing, losing, losing..oh yeah..I been just awful..even my HU play is no good..busted out of Titan, UB, and I decided to go back to my true love..PARTY!

Had great fun last night playing with Jordan, GaryC, and Davee. But the best was a SNG with GaryC and Davee on Party. GaryC finished 1st, me 2nd, and Davee 3rd. We sang a little Desperado duet which was very nice.

Lost another HU match a couple of days ago to Davee, and TrumpJosh, went 1 and 1 with Sirf to maintain my lead.

Anyway...Good luck all..laters


davee3283 said...

hey ven,

good luck with the craps... one day I'll understand how it works... Dont be down bout the busting action... you'll bounce back!! play solid V!! keep having fun!! and glad you made some pos cash flow on party!! how much fun was the SNG and the singing was spectacular... wish my voice was that good for singing... oh well, anyway my $3/6 limit playing went on for a number of hours after you and G left... I just couldnt stop - see
for details... as a result I'd like to unbust your pokerstars account and sponsor your entry to acorn's tourney if you're around, with my winnings... (if that's aloud...) catcha soon

tell me about your 300 game!!

trumpjosh said...

Time to update the stats, no?

ChiefBigtoke said...

Craps looks like a fun game. I've never played. It seems to be popular though. GL Veneno.