Saturday, November 05, 2005

Veneno gets a Surprise!

It seems that whenever there is some kinda of extra incentive for my Heads Up matches, I win. Every single time. Something to think about. So yestday, I got a chance to play a match with TripJax again. Another good match. He ended up losing with two pair to my straight. But the best part is that he owes me a surprise! I love suprises. The only criteria is that it will be something poker related. So I will keep you posted. Somehow I seem to have made a good first impression with Trip. He thinks I know how to, he said some very complimentary things on his blog about me that made me smile. So check it out sometime.

The night before, Jordan and I played another couple of matches. We went 1 and 1. The first match, I had the nut straight on the flop A - T. I pushed. He called. And he caught a flush....Ouch..Not much I could do to change that. The pot was big enough at the flop to take it down. And on the off chance he did call, I should be good...or so I thought anyway. He has the record for beating me. Of course, he has played me more than anyone. Right now it stands at 3 wins and 4 losses versus Jordan. He is always extremely fun to play..and highly unpredictable.

Sirfwalgman has made an amazing come back! Winning Pauly's Blogger event today for $294 and placing 4th on a Poker Stars MTT yesterday for $420. It only took a couple of days for him to replenish his bankroll. It was great fun to railroad and see him win. Congrats!!!

As for my play..still nothing exciting...hanging in with my low limit efforts winning small amount here and there..losing on MTTs..and enjoying my occational HU matches.

Good luck all...


Anonymous said...

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TripJax said...

i've narrowed it down to a couple of items, but I'm leaning towards one. Nothing extravagent, but I think you will likey.

thanks for the pimpage.

ChiefBigtoke said...

Check it out