Thursday, November 10, 2005

TrumpJosh has the Antedote

One of the bloggers that I enjoy taunting is TrumpJosh. I like to give him a hard time and he handles this well. He has the habit of lecturing me on my play. And I like to ignore everything he says..well..sometimes I take his advise. But I rather enjoy ignoring him on purpose because he loves to be right.

I was enjoying the chat on IM with him and Gary, who was playing a Shootout on Party. Gary was having a good run for a while and made it into round 3 opening with pocket AA. He ended up with some profit for his efforts.

While chatting, I started laying the ground work to entice him into a HU match. I made a point of letting Josh know that neither of his 2 HU victories were included in my stats. And specifically that he was the only person whose games didn't count based on Veneno rules. Because his games were limit and a regular cash knew this was gonna make him want to play me HU. And of course that was exactly my intention.

So after a while, Josh asked if I wanted to play Heads Up on UB. I chuckled to myself because this all worked out according to my plan.

Unfortunetly, the plan completely backfired. I lost 3 of the 4 matches. Ouch!!!! Thank goodness no bounties were involved.

It seems that my hot streak for Heads Up is dwindling...

Good luck all...

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