Monday, November 07, 2005

Praises to Aussie Davee

All Hail Aussie Davee
as the upcoming Poker Lad
He's on fire at the tables
and for that he is glad

This college student from Sydney
has a new place to hide
Now it's Hold'em Poker
that has his mind occupied

He found a few Bloggers
to help with his start
But don't underestimate him
cause this young man is smart

You may be deceived
by his mild mannered ways
Just when you think you've played him
He'll come out with a blaze

He's aggressive and calculating
Yes, he knows a thing or two
So be careful when you play him
or you may pay your dues

He took out the Veneno
in a Heads Up Match one day
And now for his honor
She will give him praise

So visit the Embuscade blog
and you may become a fan
Of this sweet, handsome, and
talented Australian man


TripJax said...

Damn V, that was quite good. I can't wait to win a HU match against you so I can collect!

Veneno said...

Oh no...what have I started?