Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oops He Did it Again

In case you are completely oblivious, Sirf experienced a major crash again. Ouch. So sorry buddy. Personally, I try to keep all my major mistakes to myself, but Sirf is not afraid to take a bashing. Brave man. He must really love the attention. So definitely stop by his blog and express your opinion. He may as well enjoy your remarks. It is the only upside to this cycle.

On the other hand, we have the "dreamy" Scott who continues to whoop'em good. Now he even posts his game plans on his blog and exceeds even his own targets. Yesterday in addition to his winnings at the cash tables, he took 2nd in the 2k freezeout on Titan. Take a lesson..this boy can play! Congrats again Scott.

I continue to enjoy my Head's Up Matches. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of playing 100-2-Infinity. He was definitely a good player...patiently and gradually taking my chips. After 27 hands, I was in the disadvantaged position and had KK. The flop came with middle cards to a straight..we were both in for the the river..I bet, he pushed, I paused and typed "I know I am screwed..but gotta do it"..with my last 150 I called. He had the straight on the turn and a flush draw to boot. Good game and Congrats!

Even Aussie Dave is doing good. Now that his thesis is complete, he can focus on important, he won an SnG yesterday..and reported profits from the night before of $600 or something. Very nice Dave! Yes, looks like you are doing something right indeed. Keep it up.

Lastly, everyone is getting their equipment which is sooooo cool. I got to hear the voices of Gary and TripJax yesterday which was a nice treat! Just waiting for Gary to booze it up enough so that I get to enjoy his singing.

Other than that..just continuing in the low limit grind..

Good luck all..


wilhelmina said...

keep on rockin!

TraumaPoker said...

It was a good match and I enjoyed it. You can have a rematch anytime!

lucky2win said...
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