Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blogger's are soo Cool

Today I was chatting with Weak Player and he was messing with his blog trying to create a html table. So it got me to thinking that I would like to have a html table too. Much easier to maintain my HU stats if it were a html table right here on the blog.

So I start working on the thing. I don't know much at all about coding in html mind you. I was thinking I could do it in MSWord and SaveAs html, but that didn't work out. In the meantime, I am chatting with Sirfwalgman, Fluxer, and Weak who all helpful with some suggestions, links, etc. Then just when I throw in the towel, both Fluxer and Weak tell me they have he code for my new html HU table. I didn't even ask. Awesome!!!! Of course, I needed to add some touches of my own, so with Fluxer's help I try to change the colors and make it more beautiful. In the end, he just took over. Very, very sweet. I was extremely grateful for all the help from these guys. That is what is soo super about the Blogger Community. Eveyone is so helpful and supportive. Thanks again guys!!!!

Then another really really cool thing happened this week. The "Blog Father" - Iggy, was gracious enough to provide a link to my blog on a recent posting with newbies. I was very honored. I read his blog of course, but I didn't even realize he had ever read my blog. I have noticed a nice increase in traffic recently that I know is due to his support. Thanks Iggy!!!

Lastly, I have given a special ranking to my top 10 favorite blogs on my reading list. Check it out!

Hasta luego...

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