Saturday, December 17, 2005

That felt goooooooooooooood

I didn't make the money...finished 65th out of 600 plus players in the freeroll..but I was on top of my game. It paid down 30 places. I still have some points left. So if I get the urge again...I may have to sneak in another. Anyway, I really enjoyed playing after 7 days of no poker. I made good reads. Most of my reads helped me a few did not. I had QQ with about 8000 in chips. I raised to 300 which was 3x bb and another play who had about half as much chips compared to me reraised to 500 and the short stack pushed to 1k. At this point I was in a really good chip position within the tournament. I was figuring the reraiser for AA or KK based on his tight play. Did I really want to risk that much? Once I bet, I would be forced to continue with the pot value. So I folded. The flop comes with a Q and turn is another. Crap!!! I would have had quads. And the other play did in fact have AA. So right move...wrong time. Oh well. On another hand I had JJ. I called a raise in early position. The flop was all unders. The play bet I raised. He pushed. I put him on AK. It was a tough call. But I made it. And soo sweet I won. He did in fact have AK and did not suckout on me. Free game..lots of fun!!!


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