Saturday, December 10, 2005

What I Like About You #3

Where do I begin? I think for Sirfwalgman (Waffles) and his blog, I must start at the beginning...

We meet...

It was early summer 2005, and I was playing online Poker at Party. At my table was a player named Jester. Now knowing that being entertained is a big part of why I play poker, I could not resist engaging in coversation with a Jester. And he delivered entertainment as his name implied. We played a few games together and exchanged IMs. Jester is good friends with ChiefBigToke, a fan and regular reader of Waffles blog. So one day, Jester ask me if I want to join a converence with a "blogger". I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. Never read a blog. I ended up in the conference with Waffles, Chief, and Jester. And this is where it all began.

First Impressions...

Waffles was typing incessantly. Play by play. Every hand. Every detail. Chief seemed to keep up. But my head was spinning. I tried to participate in the conversation, but it was hard to get noticed within the endless stream of Waffles chat.

On the side, I started a separate chat with Jester. I asked, "How can you keep up with all this? And how can you play poker while you read all of this? I can't concentrate with all of this chat. Are you laughing? That is what I thought at the time. Now I can't get enough of the endless commentary.

Jester and Chief convinced me that I needed to check out the "blog". This would be my first exposure to blogging. They were kind enough to point me to some of the "juicy" postings. I was hooked. I went back through all the archives. I read them all. And still wanted more. I had officially become a blogger fan.

What did I find? Let's take a look:

In the words of Waffles is an introduction - "So... Hello, my name is Sir and I have decided to write a Poker blog. It will probably lead to me getting a swelled head and let everyone out there have a good laugh, but what the hell, it sounds like fun anyways. I will keep you posted with every tiny detail until you are so nauseated you can not stop coming back. Wish me luck!"

* The Bad Beat stories - "Man am I bummed. Basically in the span of 3 minutes I had AA cracked by QQ and a set of 6’s cracked by runner-runner hearts. “That’s Poker”.. Monkey Boy Poker! I guess since it was a rebuy.. people say what the fuck.. oh well.. Frustrating so far.. but let us see if the Poker God grant me some revenge."

* The Best personal dramas
"God. Does my wife have to be so screwed up. I mean if she is paying a therapist I want my money back."

* The most original metaphors
"I LOVE poker and I hate poker. Right now it is on my good side. It is like a relationship where one day your woman is smacking you with a frying pan and the next day she is giving you the best oral of your life with one of her cute girlfriends helping out."

* Attitude - "Know what I miss about poker. That superior feeling. Like nah nah, I am better than you! I mean fuck that felt good. Sneering down at all the losers. Lol."

* The Good - "Anyway, I want to thank Dr. Pauly for hosting what has to be one of the MOST fun events I have played in for a long time. It has been a long and interesting path. It has been some of the most fun I have had in months too. I somehow managed to play well in all of the events except one. I have been bubble boy and victorious. I ended up 7th out of all bloggerdome in the series. Wow! Usually I am a solid middle of the pack type of guy. I got to bust the Blogfather, and cripple Pauly. I even made time in between events to meet the illustrious Doctor and had a FANTASTIC time doing it. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! have another event sometime."

* The Bad - "I know you guys enjoy my pain and suffering and who am I to disappoint you? I am not going into detail cause it still smarts a little. However I will say a few words. Bankroll. Bad. Titan. New. Game. Blackjack. Very Bad! At least it was not poker this time.."

* The Ugly - "So luckily I get a banging on my door. It turns out to be the cops. Apparently my good buddy decided to call them and get me taken in to the hospital for evaluation. I can not tell you how much fun it was getting led out of my hotel by four police men and taken to the hospital. I think I only swore at them a few time. Now I could have refused to go but some talk about pink slips and handcuffs seemed annoying so I decided to cooperate. So anyway I get to share my story with a cunt of a social worker and and nice psychiatrist. I think the cunt wanted to commit me on principal, but the shrink listened and let me go. I decided to walk home. Felt good. Of course it was 2AM in the morning. Oh well."

* Interesting Poker strategy - In reference to MTTs - "In playing a few of these I think that I have found there to be a minimal pace you need to keep up to. If you do not you will be constantly worrying about the blinds. So when I initially start a game I play very loose (even for me) and weak. I basically am looking for my KJ to connect and make something nice without getting killed by KQ. All I am trying to do here is get ahead. As far ahead as I can while the blinds are small. If I hit the second break and have less than 2K I am in trouble. I will have to push at some point with cards I would normally not want to push with. I will not be able to see flops with moderate cards. Once I get over 2K in the first break I can slow down a little. I still want to see some flops, but I can stick to better starting cards. So keeping pace is important. This is where some of the luck comes in. You have to get some cards and have some flops hit early to survive."

* Amusement - "In this whole world there was one person who OWNED me, until tonight. Even though she still holds a slight lead Veneno is no more. I have defeated her in two HU matches in a row and I fear her no longer. I can not wait for my prize for beating her!"

* Tilts - "Last night was no fun at all.. I know my tilt well at least. It has become VERY specific. I do not get mad when I lose a hand, or when I lose a buyin. It really is a set of things that have to happen. I do not tilt in game and start playing poorly. My tilt is induced by winning and then taking a sharp downturn....So I lose another buyin.. and that drives me over the edge of no return. I will not stop until I win MY money back. So there you have it. A look into a very bad form of tilt. My personal pet monkey."

* Frustration - "I have had it with poker. Cya. I do not think I have the mentality for poker. Also I am starting to beleive if you put enough monkeys at a poker table you will get rivered every single time. It gets to the point where it is pure luck to win a hand, because 8 other people are seeing the river. I know, this is supposed to be a good thing. Bah! I have had it. I am taking a break. Next post will be sometime in June. I guess I at least owe you guys the secret mystery of my name.. however it probably is not worth waiting for."

It's the roller coaster of blogs. The one for which we will wait in line. He leads us into the dark side of poker. Never sure what will happen next. Will it be a thrill, a disaster, or something else? It's the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. When he takes a dive we feel the tingle in the pit of our stomachs. But one thing is certain. He is fearless in sharing his thoughts and experiences.


Outside of the enjoyment I get from reading Waffles blog, I must thank him on a few other accounts.

I am a much better poker player today because of Waffles. He has often been willing to share and help me with my game. He is an awesome sweat partner. I especially value his advise for playing in MTTs. And finally, thanks for inspiring me to become a blogger.

So Waffles, thanks for the many good times, coaching, and inspiration. Poker would just not have been as fun without you!


HighOnPoker said...

Quite an homage to SirF in all of his dysfunction. You are very accurate in your assessment: Ramblings of a Madman is the rollercoaster of poker blogs.

doubleas said...

I'll give him credit for his blog. When I go read his latest entry, I'm do it with my head turned halfway to the side, one eye open and that eye is squinting. He brings the tilt to life, which is painful to read.

I mean that with as much flattery as I can. His writing and swings do keep me checking on him and does affect me while reading it.

Kudos to blogging world wouldn't be the same without him.

davee3283 said...

heya v, good to see the blogging back on track!!
and I'd also like to say thanks to SirF for getting me hooked on PLO8!! and for helping me to understand how it works and about starting hands etc... Though I may have aquired a SirF Tilt too... after having a number of small winning sessions in a row at PLO8 I lost 4 buyins in about 40 mins... maybe as good as the first time I played PLO8 with sir and I had almost no idea wat I was doing and so was playing rather timidly but was slightly ahead... then I decided I was going to try bluffing and bet big it worked... the other dudes layed em down, then SirFs mate Gordo turned up and I bluffed another potand another dude and gordo both decided they were keen for some action and basically I think every one was all in after the flop and needless to say I lost it all on that hand and I was glad to see gordo scoop (cause he's also a champ)... love it!!

good times great classic tilts!!

thanks SIRF and V

Drizztdj said...

PLO8 is the LAST game someone who tilts should play yet he seems to be doing quite well.

His honesty is something I admire more.

Cheers to the Waffle!

iamhoff said...

Waffleman was kind enough to link your roast on his site. What a tribute...I couldn't agree more. I found Sir Waffles after reading a WWdN tourney recap. I, too have recently started blogging and seem to be getting sucked into this whole, poker/blog/tilt thing. Too much fun.

ChiefBigtoke said...

SirFWALGMan. The man, the tilt, the blogging legend. He was one of my first blog reads. I found him on Party one night and struck up a conversation with him. From there it's morphed into a pretty good friendship,as far as internet friendships go. That was over a year ago. Cheers Veneno.

Veneno said...

Thanks all for the feedback! are cracking me up with the "one eye" and all.

Davee..I want to finish my series. But things have definitely changed.

Drizz..We never did get in that HU match..looks like you are off the hook for now.

Iamhoff..Thanks for checking it out.

Chief..I thought you would appreciate this.