Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What I Like About You #2

Time to move on to the next fabulous blog on my list. The one and only High on Poker by Jordan.

There are many many awesome things about Jordan and his blog. I almost don't want to praise him tooo much because he is already such a egomaniac (self-proclaimed so it is acceptable). He loooooves attention and he knows how to get it!

Jordan has got to be the blogger who puts the most effort into his blog and it really shows. He almost always has something fresh and entertaining. Often posting more than once on the same day. He deserves the recognition received on having a top notch blog.

His blog is full of energy and charisma. You really feel like he is welcoming us into his world. I mean there is poker content, bad beat stories, analysis of his play and strategy, self-evaluations, stories of poker experiences with other players and us bloggers of course, life events, appreciation of his wife (which I think is sooo cool), and ummm details of his self pleasure (perhaps he could be spared us here).

Plus the following cool things:

* Heads Up Challenges
* You Decides
* Pictures

And the bragging..Let's not forget that! Despite all his self praise, he does not come across as arrogant. In fact, he is one of the first to admit his short comings.

He definitely acknowledges and appreciates his readers. If you leave a comment, he will almost always reply..assuming his comment function is WORKING.

On the other hand, he is not one to sugar coat things. You will hear exactly what he thinks (a trait I find appealing).

But more than all this, he is the really super person. Being with him in a IM chat room is always fun. He is one of my favorite people to taunt and tease. And you know how I love to tease! He is a good sport and can handle the smack talk. In fact, he is excellent at retaliating with some smack of his own!

I am looking forward to more good times with one of my favorite bloggers..especially Heads Up Matches.

I must admit..if I were judging on overall qualities of a blog..Jordan would be #1.

Here's to you Jordan. Thanks for making my poker experience more enjoyable.


PokerSweetHome said...

Now you've done it! Gary can handle the praise, but Jordon? His already-much-too-swollen-I'm-the-8th-most-popular-poker-blogger head is going to burst when he reads this post. Either his law firm or wifey Kim are going to send you a huge cleaning bill to get the brain splatter off of his monitor / walls / carpet etc.



BTW: I like Jordon's blog too .. just don't tell him I said so.

HighOnPoker said...

Thanks V! I am extremely flattered. Let me just say two things.

First, as to Colin's statement, I might be the 8th most popular poker blog according to, but I used to be 4th! And now that OddJack is defunct, 7th can't be far behind. Ooh, and don't forget about being a blog of the week according to BEST poker AND best dressed poker blogger in 2004 according to Handsome Male Poker!

Second, "And the bragging..Let's not forget that! Despite all his self praise, he does not come across as arrogant. In fact, he is one of the first to admit his short comings." I'm glad you get it.

I'm the best! Go me! Eat that Sir Waffle!

TripJax said...

He's my #2 read and a great guy. Do you have my list V? We're on the same wave length or something!

GaryC said...

I certainly wouldn't have argued if Jordan was #1, because he is my number 1 read, and always will be. He certainly has his own "way" about him, and like he said, if you don't "get it" he can come across as arrogant, which he is not.

Very nice post, Veneno. I am certainly enjoying your rankings.


Veneno said...

PSH..Yes, I did it alright! But if I didn't go through with it he would have taunted me

Trip..Great minds think alike!

Gary..You are still #1!