Sunday, December 18, 2005

Royal Vegas Welcomes Veneno

I was chatting with Jordan and Gary on Yahoo while they were playing in a MTT on Royal Vegas. Jordan was doing pretty well and once Gary left asked if I wanted to railbird. Since I didn't have an account. I was gonna try to sign up with one of the online poker affiliate sites they have been pimping. So I did. I joined VPP from Jordan's link. In the meantime, Fluxer had join the conference and was railbirding Jordan. I had mucho interruptions and had to leave before I could watch the MTT or play. Jordan made the money..not sure details. Congrats! back to me. Later on, I finish depositing money on Royal Vegas and get ready to start earning my bonus....

Here is where it gets sweet! I bought in for $50 on a 6 max .50/1 no limit cash table. I was playing tight waiting for good hands. Got a few nice hands like hitting quad 4s with in a blind hand with only one 4 in my hand. So little by little I was building. Then it happened..I beat a royal donkey! I mean not just the average donkey. But the sweetest of donkeys. I had A3 and limped in for $1 preflop in late position. The flop comes 3 3 5 rainbow. Pretty nice. I got trips with the best kicker. A player in early position bets $4. I raise to $8. Mr. Royal Donkey (Gauguin) calls. And the other player calls. Super Sweet! Turn comes 5. Yuck. Oh no!!! What if one of these guys has the 5? Well, I still gotta play. The EP player checks. I bet $5. Mr. Royal Donkey raises! I am thinking..oh this can't be good...but he may be on a high pair or have a 3 with a lower kicker. Just hope he doesn't have the 5. The other player folds. I call. River is a duece. I continue with the betting for $5. He goes all in for $26.50. Crap!!! What to do? I don't put him on a straight draw...which would be great. I am afraid of the 5. I must call. So with my last $21.30, I make the call. I WIN!!! Awesome!!! A $99.10 pot. Mr. Royal Donkey shows Two Pair, Sixes over Fives. HaHa. I am non stop laughing. What a total DONKEY. A ROYAL DONKEY. So I leave a profit of $75.80 on my first play at Royal Vegas. Thanks Jordan!!!

Other news..I got a new Heads Up challenge going with Sox. First player to win 5 games gets to create a new banner for the other. So far, I am 2 and 0. I think he is in deep, the only thing you may hear from him is how I sucked out on him the first match to win. count right?

Lastly, the master scored some points yesterday by taking me to the Harrah's (Indian Casino near San Diego). I ended up losing about $60 for the trip but had fun. I put about $10 into a few dollar machines. Then head for the Paigow table. I won the first two hands (a $15 table). Then a spot opened at the Paigow Jackpot table (offers a side bet where you can win some nice $$ for top hands). Anyway, this was a $25 table, plus I usually bet the $5 jackpot bet to take advantage of the "envy bonus" (if someone else at the table hits the jackpot, you will still get a piece). In no time I was down $60. Time for a change. So I make my way to the poker room. Not much of a room. And not an actual room. This is not the place to play poker in So. California. The options are pretty much $3/6 cash or $100 no limit. A little more than I wanted to play. But okay. I put my name on the board for both. Now there will be a wait. So I go to the Video poker machines. And shortly after starting, I hit 4 wild dueces. Woo hoo. That is 1000 coins (i.e. $250 bucks). Sweet. The night is covered. Good timing to because my name is next up in the poker room. So I cash out. So minus the $70 I lost earlier, I am still up $180. I get called to the $3/6 table.

I sit down. Order a Margarita. And get ready to chill and wait. People are playing very loose. Face with anything unsooted. Crap hands. But I wait. Finally, I get my hand. Pocket Ladies. On a kill hand (when someone wins 2 hands in a row they must put in $6 and the betting changes to 6/12). So I raise to $12. And get 2 callers. The flop comes with a 7 Q x. WONDERFUL!!! Early player bets $6 and I raise to $12. Both players call. Turn is 7. Perfect! I have my boat. Looking good. Now the player checks to me. I bet $12. And get raised! My thoughts at the time "Can this get any better?". The other play folds. I call. I bet on the river. And the other player calls and is all in. We show. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. He had quad 7s. I lose! Ouch! I did rebuy and actually made back all that I lost and then some. But over time managed to lose about $80.

So I cash out. Still up $100. My husband is ready to leave. Can I leave a winner? Of course not!!! I drop $60 at backjack in 3 hands for $20 each the first hand dealer had blackjack. Then head for the blazing 7s. Don't ask me what it is about me and Blazing 7 machines, but they are my weakness. I feed them $100. Finally, I have had enough. What a dork!!!!

At least I was feeling good from the

Now back to the tables....

Hasta luego y bueno suerte para ustedes!!!!

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