Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Subtle Manifestation of Evil

"Subtle Manifestation of Evil"..kinda a nice ring to it. That is what Sox called me..along with another name that he knows I despise!

The Jordan's Donkey Tournament was a big hit! Lots of bloggers and readers. Dropping of hammers and the like. Lots of chatting on IM. And all around good time. I was cheering for Mr. Dreamy who finished 4th.

So after the Tournament, I hook up with the losers at a PLO game. Totally out of my league, I know. And yes it was the first time I ever played Omaha high only. EVER! So after rebuying for the 3rd time (total investment $55), I finally get on a rush. I busted Drizz, then later took out the Princess when I landed Quad Jacks. She had giving me quite a beating earlier in the game.

At one point, Sox offers to give me lessons. And Gary is sweet enough to keep making the donkey noise at his prompting whenever I make a bonehead move! So it was a totally taunt feast. My kind of night for sure. So finally, I say to Sox who is losing in spite of him having a much better understanding of this game than me (which is not saying much)** after he took a few bad beats "maybe I should give you lessons". Then he blurts out "subtle manifestation of Evil". Finally, I succeed in convincing someone that I am

**I had to come back and re-read this. Didn't intend to make you look bad Sox. Sorry. I just thought it was pretty cool that you called me evil. But I shouldn't be so mean to you after you lose a hand.

Final outcome I make a profit of about $35 on the PLO game.

Hasta Luego....

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