Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm Back

Talked with the family today. I made a deal. I will limit my poker play time to the weekends starting with Friday nights. The question is how much time for the whole weekend?

So..what do you think? My idea of reasonable may be bais, so I am seeking feedback. Of course, I am selecting a poker crowd for feedback

And another question. Just to measure how absorbed I was into poker. How much time do you spend on average per a week playing poker?

It has been a hard week. But I think the sacrifice may have been worth it. Now my family knows that they are more important to me than poker. And I would give it up if I had to do so.

Now I just need to keep a good balance.

Thanks all for your support. I did respond to everyone's comments. So check the comment section if you haven't already.



HighOnPoker said...

I'm proud of you and I'm happy that you have things in perspective. I play probably 15 hrs/week, but that IS NOT advisable. I'd say if you are only playing on weekends, it shoudl be 4 hrs. I also think that it may be easier to agree to 1 MTT and 2 SNGs or something like that. It might be easier to limit yourself if each game you play has a start and end, as opposed to a ring game.

DP said...

"I play probably 15 hrs/week, but that IS NOT advisable."

Lol Jordan, you're hilarious. I love the caps.

I'm not even going to suggest how much you should play as I'm too much of a poker degenerate.

Ok fine. Maybe 3 to 7 hours each weekend? I say that because you said you normally play when everyone is asleep, therefore you could play 2 hrs a night on the weekend.

kipper said...

I'd say play as much as you want till you get the divorce papers delivered to you hand! haha

Kidding aside. I like the 1 MTT or the SnG idea that Jordan brought up.

BSN said...

Play as long as you're playing well. When you're not, or the cards are bad, stop. Some weekends will be alot, others will be not so much.

Just don't play because you feel like you HAVE to, because that's your scheduled time.


chipper said...

You have the right idea by talking it out with your family. Show them that they are the most imporatant thing in your life and they will give you some slack. Everything in moderation is a good motto to live by. Glad to hear you're happy.

Veneno said...

Thanks for the suggestions! It is good to be back.

TripJax said...

I play about 2 to 3 nights a week for about 2 hours per night. I try and save any MTT's that might take more than 2 hours for the weekend and also try to make it when I'm vegging on the couch halfway watching football/sports or poker. That way I'm fitting in all my degenerate hobbies in at once.

My opinion: Play poker when it fits your schedule. Never play when you know you should be doing something else or you have the opportunity to do something with the family. If it means playing during the weekend late night when everyone is asleep then roll with it...