Monday, December 05, 2005

Let's Make a Deal

Here it is the next bounty deal has been made with Weak Player:

ghengis_socrates: you said you don't cook. why would I want your cookies?
ghengis_socrates: can't make cookies without cook.
yosoyveneno: lol
ghengis_socrates: I want photos of you making them. hands only would be okay.
yosoyveneno: okay
yosoyveneno: deal
ghengis_socrates: and packing them and shipping them. posted on the web somewhere I can link to.
ghengis_socrates: you can have the same with the waffles, if you want.
ghengis_socrates: still a deal?
ghengis_socrates: and I want race to 7 on the matches. 2/3 not good enough.
yosoyveneno: okay
yosoyveneno: deal
ghengis_socrates: cool

Someone needs to help Weak negotiate..he wants a picture of my can't stop laughing..

So game on!!!!!

1 comment:

Weak Player said...

I want a picture of some part of you preparing, packing and shipping the cookies. Proof that you are doing the work. What part you use is up to you. Hands would do. Honor system, less a little humiliation.