Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I want more Heads

I decided to play a non-blogger this morning. A vacation day for Veneno. First match on Royal Vegas against a player named Guti1507. Veneno wins!

Yesterday I made progress on party just playing one $10 sit n go. I took 1st thank you very much.

Then, decided to play with Mr. Dreamy. He was playing NL on Stars so I joined him. I had about $42 on Stars and bought in for $25. Lost that very quickly in donkey like fashion. So being a good pal, Mr. Dreamy, reminds me what I should be playing on a 6 handed NL table. I move to another table with the last of my $17. Davee joins at some point. At another table Davee got some sweet cards quad As and then quad 7s. By the time I was ready for bed, I built my $17 up to over $60. Thanks Scott for keeping me out of trouble and for not busting me.

Not bad for a night of low limit play.



Drizztdj said...

That title can be interpreted in many different ways.

littleacornman said...

Great to read about you being back at the tables enjoying your poker.

Veneno said...

Drizz - Really?..lol

Acorn - Thanks! REALLY good to be back.