Thursday, December 29, 2005

Smashed by the Trashed Donkey

I was wanting a Heads Up match tonight and my wish came true.

Donkey Puncher was around late in the evening. And he was toasted. I wasn't trying to take advantage..honest. Didn't find out he was smashed until after we agreed to play. Then I offered to postpone our match. But he was ready and willing. Our first attempt to get on a table failed. So he watched while I played. Got busted against AA. So I finally get on a table with Donkey Puncher. This was our first Heads Up match. And he pulled out a Royal Flush to beat the Poison. After that I was pretty crippled. Got a few hands and pushed. Kept taunting him to let me back in. But he wasn't going to go for it. Nice match Donkey! Congrats.

Its I will update the chart etc...tomorrow.


Kipper said...


Donkeypuncher said...

Good times - too bad I don't remember anything but the royal flush! I guess I play better drunk!

Rematch next week?

Veneno said...

Can I play you when your sober next time? lol

GaryC said...

He spanked my ass when he was in the bag, too. Of course, I was in the same bag, so that might have had something to do with it.

Have a great New Year, I will look for you this weekend when I get home.


trumpjosh said...

Drunk donkeys are the most dangerous kind.

Rog said...

Drubk Donkeys are the best!
lol look at this donkey