Saturday, December 03, 2005


Round 4 of the Blogger USA vs ROW (Rest of the World) tournaments is on this Sunday. If you wanna join leave a comment on Gary or Acorn's blog. Okay guys we have got to win!!

I played a live no limit tournament for $100/25 and busted with KK which really really sucked. So then I went to the $40 nl cash table...played a couple of hours..was up over $100..but do I leave..nooooooooooo...of course not..ended up $30 ahead. are Veneno's poker goals:

V = Variety..must have a mix of games to play..Limit, No Limit, SnG, HU, Omaha...
E = Entertaiment..I must chat, have fun while I play, and hang out with my cool pals.
N = No rules..I like freedom to choose what, when, and where based on mood, etc.
E = Easy..Play games that are easy to understand..don't wanna focus too much!
N = New bounties..Gotta come up with some new ideas for bounties..just love it
O = Opportunity to hit it big. I would love to make some real money in a MTT.

You feedback is welcome...

Hasta luego and bueno suerte!!!

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