Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sox Hammers Me

The day started out early when I woke up early (7 a.m.) to continue my Heads Up challenge with Weak player. He is online as expected and I find him on IM to hook up. He is engaged in play and doing well, so I wait until he is ready to start.

I must say he has been doing a fine job of taunting me during our matches. Which I truly love. I am continually reminding him of how much I want my

and he was kind enough to provide me with a link to the nearest IHOP for substitute waffles.

Prior to this our score was 3 to 4. The first to 7 wins the prize! We played 4 matches and ended up at 5 to 6. I wish I had taken better notes for a recap...oops. Perhaps Weak can provide better details in a post. What I can tell you was that he was playing rather aggressive today. Not the usual Weak player that I am accustom to playing. I completely enjoyed the challenge. He really only has one major flaw to his play. Lack of faith in the hammer! Not only will he fold it for a single bet, but he is not even embarrassed to show that he did. Really Weak, if you wanna be a true blogger this must not

Next on the Head Hunt list was Sox. He was ready to continue our challenge today. Having prepared by playing 5 Heads Up matches earlier. Prior to our match he was undefeated in HU for the day. But those others were just no comparison to Veneno right?

We play our first match and I win. At that point the score was 3 and 0. I mention at the beginning of our second match that I just have 2 more to go. Then he makes some smart remart about making this one easy for me and goes all in. Holy Moly!!! I look at my cards and have JJ. I'm willing to race. So I call. He show A 4 of hearts. Niiiiiiicccce. The flop comes with an A. Ouch! Then the turn is a J. I begin laughing as is customary when I take a challenger out. And more so if they are on IM chat with me. Oh Yeah!!!! Then just to overdo it a bit. The river is another A. First hand. Sox is out! Gotta love it. Score 4 and 0. is where Sox gets his revenge. For those brave enough to embrace the power of the hammer (Weak is not among this group), this is very effective against me. Such was the case with Sox. He played the hammer. Stayed with it. Caught his cards. And suckered me into his trap. Well done Sox. I was totally impressed! Score 4 and 1.

Last match, I get QQ and Sox has AK. We are all in. He catches his K on the river to take me out. Ouch!!!! Score 4 and 2.

One other note, Meek was online today and offered my a HU match. Too bad I was playing in a MTT or I would have definitely taken him up on this. Soon Meek Soon!

Check it out. I have a new Head Hunter chart on my sidebar.



TripJax said...

Thanks for putting me on your top 10 list. Woot!

Maybe we can play heads up agains soon eh?!

Veneno said...

The answer would be.."Oh Yeah!"