Sunday, December 18, 2005

Leaving Him Dissatisfied Again

After beating me in the first Heads Up match tonight Fluxer still wanted more.

Ever try to connect in a HU match on Poker Stars? A bit of a pain.

On our first attempt, Fluxer accidently got into a Heads Up match with another player. He was so anxious to play me, he kept going all in trying to lose. It was funny. He was trying to lose and was having a hard time doing it. At one point he even typed on the chat "I can't lose". I thought I was on a limited schedule and he didn't want to miss the opportunity to play me. Am I that fun to play Heads Up?

Then he had to wait again when I accidently ended up with someone else. I hoo.

So we finally play. I think he thought he could take me down twice in one night. "Thought" being the key word here. We went for about 50 hands. I was having fun. It is pretty cool to be on voice chat with the person you are playing HU. Adds a whole new element of excitement! Flux was not getting cards in this match. On a few hands, he was trying to make a move with a bet and I would reraise (a few times with nothing). I would make a point of telling him I was bluffing. Cause that is just sooo fun. So when I flopped a Full House and he landed a straight, I was able to trap him quite nicely. I got extra amusement out of gloating when the match was finished. He is a good sport about my taunting or I might not.

So when we were wrapping up the chat, I asked him why he wanted to play Heads Up with me tonight. He said that losing the first match with AA left him dissatisfied. And now again he was dissatisfied with a score of 1 win and 2 loses vs Veneno.

So there it is...I left Fluxer dissatisfied...sorry pal..but thats what happens when you mess with the Poison! Till next time Flux...

Oh, can you tell I am having fun with poker can I leave this behind?

Hasta luego...

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