Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Comes Early

ElWappo (aka Mr. Veneno - hahahah that is funny) invited me to go play some cards at the Bike with him yesterday afternoon. I still had some shopping to do and he needed a haircut. So the plan was to hook up after we finished those things. So I get home from shopping and am ready to go. He is playing poker on Party. So I ask if I should go ahead and play some cards. He says yes, "just play a single Sit and Go". He didn't want me to get stuck in anything too long.

At this point, I only have $26 on Party. The money that I won on the freeroll yesterday. I play a $5 Sit n Go and am ready to leave. I ask if he is about ready. And he then tells me that he is playing in a MTT. MTT? He is playing a MTT. Very strange. He usually does not play MTTs online. So I ask how many are left. Over 400 players. Well that will take forever. Meanwhile, the 40k guaranteed starts in about 10 minutes. I been playing this MTT repeatedly trying to get my lucky break. So I ask if I can join the 40k since he is still playing the MTT. He says sure. Now I need to make a few bucks to get in.

I head for $25 NL tables online. Within a few hands, I catch the nut straight on the turn with someone betting into me. Sweet. I push. I get called. Up $18. Cool. Now I can play the 40k.

I register for the 40k. Meanwhile, SoxLover catches me online and we start up a chat. Turns out Sox is a good person to have sweating. I probably would have done better to listen to him more often. But alas, I must be a donkey sometimes. I mention that my husband is playing in an MTT. Sox is curious. And ask for the details so he can open his table also. Party Poker. $10 MTT. Over 1900 entrants. ElWappo does not care for chat, comments, or pretty much any engagement while he plays. A serious player. And hot tempered too. I have learned to stay clear when he is playing. In fact, he gets upset if I even open his table to see how he is doing. So it was cool Sox was giving me periodic updates on his progress. And I was peaking behind me periodically to see his table. At that time ElWappo was already in the money. But still had a ways to go.

My daughter comes around to see what is happening. Mom and Dad are next to each other on the computers playing online poker. Now she is in the mood to play poker. It's a poker family. I tell her that she needs to wait until I finish my MTT. She ask how long. I reply that it will be a while if I am doing good or it might be a few minutes if I bust. She starts chanting for me to bust. How sweet. She wishes daddy luck and give him a kiss. But wants mommy to bust. I get JJ. I push. I nearly bust. Her wish is coming true. I am left with about 500 in chips with only 5 more to bust until the money. I hang on. I make the money. I ended up finishing 204th in the 40k. So I made a few bucks. Party roll up to $45 from 0 woo hoo.

But my 7 year old is happy. Now mom can play some live poker with her. I force her to play Texas She prefers 5 card draw. But is cool with the plan.

While playing. I hear the good and bad reactions from ElWappo. Pretty soon I see him stand up in celebration. He turns to me and says "Chip Leader". I give him a high five and a hug. Next I hear "Final Table". Sweet. This is looking good. Then he says they want to make a deal. He is 5th in chips at this point. What? A deal? I didn't even know they do that online. A new feature I guess. Now when you are at the final table online players have the option of striking a deal. The offer is to split $1300 for all players. No deal. Chip leaders are holding out until they are down to 5 players. The play continues. Gets down to 4. Still no deal. What happens next is pretty unbelievable. Chip leader has about 800k, 2nd has about 400k, ElWappo has about 200k, and short stack has less than 60k. The chip leaders are fighting. Unbelievable. One of them busted. Down to 3. Short Stack bust. Down to 2. Time for a deal. ElWappo suggest $2500 - types "$2500 and it is all yours, no risk and merry xmas". No response. He types. "You there?". The chip leader types "I'm here". ElWappo types "Head to Head I am almost unbeatable". Chip leader says "Me too". Finally chip leader says take the standard payout and we are done (the standard payout for 2nd is just over 2k and the suggested payout based on chip count is about 2200). So ElWappo say "Let's play". Another offers comes back. How about $2400. My husband turns to me. I say "Yeah, take it!" Merry Christmas!!!!!

Congrats babe. Awesome job!!!

Upcoming posts ..removed based on Sox's influence..Weak you owe Sox.

Waffles like to take every chance to make fun of me. So check out his recent post. Stick up for me if you feel so inclined. See Chief's post to go along with it.

I hope all of you have a great Chirstmas too! God Bless! Hugs and kisses from the Veneno family.....


Kipper said...

So I take it you never made it to the bike? :P I read that whole story just to wait to see how you did there!!

Merry Christmas!!

Veneno said...

Nope never made it to the