Sunday, December 04, 2005


I have sooo been in the mood for Heads Up lately...That should be a sign that I am doomed to lose..when I really wanna play something..that is the very thing I should avoid. But..noooo....I want whoever is ready..just catch me on yahoo IM as yosoyveneno.

Lately my Heads Up matches have been very cold. That was my only hot game and poker pleasure for the longest time. Today, I lost 3 matches. Two versus SoxLover and another to Jordan. With Sox, I screwed it up. Greedy, impulsive, impatient, and undiciplined play on my part. I had such an advantage in the one game with Sox down to 500 in chips and then I call his all in bet with a 67 off..donkey move!!! So he got back in the game..then I get hooked on my set of Kings and fail to drop them to the flush on the board..not such a bad move..he had to have the flush to beat me..which he did.

I can't remember if I was a donkey with Jordan..I was just enjoying our chat..and hoping to win so that he would stay on the USA team for our blogger event today. We had aggreed that if I beat him in a HU match, he would stay on the USA team. The good news was that after I lost, he said he would stick with the USA afterall. Nice!!! Veneno is happy!!!

Thank goodness no bounties today!!!

I do have a plan for my next bounty with WeakPlayer. He mentioned making waffles the other day when we were playing. So I am on a mission to land some homemade Weak is the plan anyway. So next session of HU that I win against him will provide me with a sweet treat..mmmmmmmmm....can't wait!!!! I excel when properly motivated.

Oh and then WeakPlayer(ghengis on IM) offers the following suggestion in relation to
SoxLover's blog...which currently shows the Veneno shark:

ghengis_socrates: just looking at the picture. the chum should say "SoxLover" That should be your next bounty.
ghengis_socrates: you know, the dead fish, hanging from a rope, waiting to be eaten by the shark.
yosoyveneno: lol
yosoyveneno: i love it
ghengis_socrates: you need to ask him when he is drunk.
yosoyveneno: perfect

The other good thing is that while my HU game has been suffering. I finally made a decent cash in a MTT and I am making money at my Sit and Go games. Today I came in 2nd on a $20 game. Sweet!! This is the first of my new Sit and Go challenge.

I was soo excited with my new HTML table for I want one to track my poker play. I of course am not a HTML may already have a cool is what I want:

1. HTML table
2. Easy to update
3. Cool colors
4. If it calculated the total profit/loss automatically with grand totals..would be way cool
5. Track site, game type, rate, for sng 1st, 2nd, 3rd, bust, and profit/loss

Otherwise, if anyone knows of a cool site to track play, which can be linked to my blog, let me know.



Drizztdj said...

Just for you, I will play ONE heads up match before I go off to Vegas.

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