Thursday, December 22, 2005

Time for a Change

Some people really understand the value of making the list. Take this slick player for example, he feels like he has finally made the "big time"! See chat below:

allimcbeal: hey, i made yoyo's top ten blogs - woohooo - ive made the bigtime now!
geekandproud: so many to add, a few to remove
trumpjosh calls [$2].
geekandproud calls [$2].
allimcbeal folds.
ScottMcM_Tx folds.
Xennor folds.
Dohpee folds.
yosoyveneno: lol
geekandproud: I didn't even make the list

I took my last $50 on party to hang out with the coolest bloggers in town..Slick, Geek, Dreamy and the Trumpet player. I lost it all. But had a fun time.

Now for the change. One of the newest bloggers on the block has been kicking butt at the tables, kicking my butt at Head's Up, and doing a fine job of blogging as well. So the butt kicker has been moved up into the top 10. He beat me in two Heads Up matches today which is not a good thing. I WANT MY WAFFLES..sigh..sigh....Well..I better get ready for the next matches. Current score is 1 win and 3 losses.

On the up side..been getting what I want. Lots of Heads Up matches. Played an additional 6 with strangers and went 3 and 3. Okay..not so great. But I am still playing...

Laters all..

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